The XV japanese extension

What is the XV japanese extension?


The XV japanese extension patch enhances the power of the XV-3.10a.
The name of the package is `JAPANESE EXTENSION', but the powers extended are useful for users out of Japan.
Using this package, XV-3.10 gets to be able to handle more image formats, to be able to handle archived files as directory and so on.
Executing image of latest distribution is here[gif, 40691bytes].


Additional Powers

Image formats

The XV japanese extension make XV-3.10a to be able to load/save some additional image formats.
The additional formats are follows:

Automatic archive expansion

Using this feature, you can see image files in the archeved file without expanding.
The archived file are expanded in a temporary area, and XV recognizes it as "virtual directory". Contents in this directory can't be changed at all.
The following archive formats are supported:

Multilingual TextViewer

Patched TextViewer automatically recognizes character code-set and display Multilingual text.
Here is Multilingual TextViwer image[gif, 16932bytes].

User definable filters(Plug-ins support for image formats)

With this feature, XV can convert unsupported typed images to an available typed image with a filter command, and display it. Conversely, it can save images in an unsupported type.


Applying the package, XV-3.10a can display Macbinaried images as is, can reflect right aspect ratio to icons in VisualSchnauzer and keep icons on VisualSchnauzer even if the directory is write protected.


The latest release version of the XV japanese extension is revision 5.3.3. And the corresponding version of XV is 3.10a. If you want to get these archive, see Get the XV japanese extension section.
The ChangeLog of XV japanese extension is here(written Japanese language only).


Get the XV japanese extension

Get the latest release version of XV japanese extension,
and the corresponding version of XV.

Members of the XV japanese extension team


Copyrights of each patch and file are held by each writer. Distribution of this patch is free, if and only if you include all files in this archive.
Usage of this patch is treated as the same as original XV. (For business use etc,) if you are allowed to use original XV by permission of Mr. Bradley, you are also allowed to use this patch.

The XV-3.10a is shareware. Read the License Information in the README of XV-3.10a.


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